ZITHROMAX: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Bronchitis “I was diagnosed with bronchitis (even though I wasn’t coughing) and prescribed zpak. Within 3 hours after first dose, I was shaking all over uncontrollably, blood pressure and heart rate increased significantly. Ended up in Urgent Care, where testing showed no infection in my body and clear lungs. Told to stop the med, drink lots of fluid and wait for med to flush out of my system. Shaking subsided in about 2 hours, but racing heart continued for several more. I’m also unable to go to sleep now. Don’t need an antibiotic, but won’t ever take this one again!”

Bunny (taken for less than 1 month) March 7, 2018

For Upper Respiratory Tract Infection “Felt better overnight. Had upper respiratory tract infection. Zero side effects!”

ggxoxo1 (taken for less than 1 month) January 12, 2018

For Bronchitis “Wow, after reading the comments here, I am thankful to say I’ve had very little in side effects. Had worsening bronchitis and sinusitis for over a month. Finally called the doc for antibiotics. Within 24 hours I could feel it working. Had a short spell of my temp going up the first day. I’m on day 5 and almost clear of infection and thankful this med will keep on working for a while. Each day I’ve had a short spell of belly cramps but that’s it. I generally eat a lot of yogurt so that may help. I react very badly to plain erythromycin so however this is different it’s a great improvement.”

Nana-New England January 3, 2018

For Tonsillitis/Pharyngitis “This is the only antibiotic that ever works for me. Whenever I have a cold and the Dr claims it is viral, it always goes to my tonsils. This time I waited 7 days suffering fever and a throat so sore I could not swallow, and eventually went to the pharmacist and asked for Zithromax z pak. Within 1 day I was 80 percent healed. No side effects. It works for me everyntime. By day 2, all sinus congestion had gone and I got my first real sleep in two weeks.”

Matthm December 3, 2017

For Bronchitis “I have asthma and recently camedown with bronchitis yesterday and ended up at urgent care. I had noticed it a few days ago when my chest was tight and my inhaler wasn’t helping, and this morning after I woke up feeling terrible with a wet cough and lower back pain from the cough. I went to urgent care and they prescribed me a z pack which I am currently on. The second day of taking it I had a 101.4 fever, and it has been reduced by taking ibuprofen as well. I am coughing up lots of phlegm which is helping me breathe better, and I’m coughing less. Overall, so far doing good. I will update if anything comes back”

Anonymous (taken for less than 1 month) October 19, 2017

For Chlamydia Infection “Took this last week under the directions of my pharmacist. I ate a full dinner (burger and some veg) and waited 45 minutes to an hour before taking my 4 large pink pills. My pharmacist and my doctor both recommended staying away from dairy in the meal before I took the pills.Went to bed feeling a little nauseous but, that could have been nerves because of all the reviews on here. I slept through the night, totally fine. No diarrhea, no vomiting. Got my lab results back this morning and I’m in the clear.”

STI Freeeee (taken for less than 1 month) October 17, 2017

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