ZOCOR: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For High Cholesterol “I am currently on 20mg Zocor and started taking it six months ago. After I got my cholesterol checked again, the LDL went down 90 points! No side effects.”

Jamie Lee July 2, 2015

For High Cholesterol “Started this med about 11 years ago. It dropped my level to below avg. I always associated my aches and pains to my age and activity level, but I’ve discontinued its use for about 3 weeks because my finger joints felt swollen and arthritic. I’m starting to feel a slow improvement. My additional symptoms are sore hips and other joints. To be fair, I won’t be able to discern whether this is the drug or some other factor until staying off it longer.”

JohnGotts (taken for 10 years or more) June 29, 2015

For High Cholesterol “Been taking Zocor for a while now. Between 1-2 years.Seemed to feel OK, but heart always felt like it was skipping beats. Then about 3 weeks ago it happened every afternoon about 4PM daily scaring me because they were lasting for a long time. I don’t know anything but this medicine so I figured this must be my problem.So I just stopped the Zocor {simvastatin} and to amazement no more heart palapations.”

wooddmann January 18, 2015

For High Cholesterol “The side effects of this medication are terrible. The dizziness, headache, and not being able to understand what was going on, felt like I was in a cloud. “

Itsyb0327 (taken for less than 1 month) December 26, 2014

For High Cholesterol “It worked and no side effects that I noticed.”

frankske (taken for 2 to 5 years) September 23, 2013

For High Cholesterol “Only been taking for about two weeks. Feel lethargic, achy, headache, hot flashes are worse. Depression, occasional stomach pain. Muscle pain.”

#345 (taken for less than 1 month) July 30, 2013

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