ZYRTEC: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Urticaria “I’m giving zyrtec a 2 rating because the only good thing about it is it gets the job done (for the most part). I was diagnosed with chronic idiopathic urticaria two summers ago, and the only thing that popped up on my allergy blood tests was an low level of thyroid hormones. I was then also diagnosed with hashimotos, which later turned into hypothyroidism. I’m stuck taking zyrtec everyday, and if I try to get off, or miss a dose, I’m covered in hives and my eyes, lips and face are swollen.I cannot for the life of me get off of zyrtec. Please consider safer drugs that your body won’t become dependent on! I’m trapped.”

emmmmmies February 1, 2018

For Allergic Rhinitis “Stayed at my friend’s house who had a cat. I knew I was allergic so I stayed far away for it. It still got to me enough to where the symptoms bothered me. Sore and itchy throat, itchy watery eyes, coughing, etc. I decided to take a 10mg Zyertec. I normally don’t like taking pills. This one said non drowsy so I thought it would be safer. BIG mistake. I was so drained that after I woke up from a 8.5 hr night sleep, I was so tired, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. It was so scary that I ended up going to the ER. They gave me fluids to flush it faster but I still suffered the rest of the day. Never again. Although it did help my symptoms, the side effects were not worth it.”

Allergy Sufferer 12345 January 26, 2018

For Allergic Rhinitis “I used Zyrtec D for some really bad sinus pressure. It makes you sleepy during the day and anxious at night, but it has a very strong decongestant, and it works. I would never consider using it for a chronic condition, because the side effects are pretty heavy, but if you’re just using it for a few days to help while you kick something, it works great.”

Laura502 January 13, 2018

For Urticaria “I suffer from chronic hives. Zyrtec doesn’t really help anything at all. I’ve had hives everyday for 2 years until my doctor told me about a shot called XOLAIR. I take 2 shots per month and it made my hives completely go away. I was on the shots for about a year. After 1 and a half years, my hives came back. I’m already in the process to go back on the shots again. I really recommend anyone with chronic hives to ask about XOLAIR.”

Jppp December 29, 2017

For Urticaria “Instead of controlling my pain, it has amplified it. If anyone knows any other medicine please recommend it to me. I suffer from cholinergic urticaria. Thank you.”

Jimmy S December 17, 2017

For Urticaria “I was diagnosed with Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria 3 months ago. I have dermographism, where my skin itches during the day, and if I scratch it, I get terrible red patches on my body which stay for an hour or two and looks terrible. I tried every single second generation antihistamine and non of them helped. Zyrtec finally gave me the relief I wanted. I take one pill in the morning with no side effects and I almost don’t feel any itch during the day. Since I don’t itch, I don’t need to scratch myself and don’t get hives. I give 8 starts because it doesn’t completely cure CIU, but it helps me to manage my symptoms.”

Craig7777 September 19, 2017

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