Food List For GERD - Recommend & Avoid

During treatment of GERD, a good diet plan can add points and make you feel better. The diet for GERD is based on a simple principle, which is to stay away from foods that can stimulate gastric acid secretion, including high-fat food, irritating food, citrus fruits.

Here is a food list for people suffering GERD. The list contains not only the recommended, but also the to-avoid. Please read carefully before you pick foods into your cart.

recommend 1% milk
recommend 2% milk
recommend low fat yogurt
recommend fat free yogurt
recommend fresh vegetable
recommend fresh apple
recommend fresh berry
recommend fresh melon
recommend fresh banana
recommend fresh peach
recommend fresh pear
recommend low fat bread
recommend low fat grain
recommend beef steak
recommend lamb steak
recommend fresh chicken
recommend fresh fish
recommend fresh turkey
recommend fresh shrimp
recommend decaffeinated tea
recommend fruit tea
recommend apple juice
recommend vegetable juice
recommend berry juice
recommend melon juice
recommend banana juice
recommend peach juice
recommend pear juice
recommend fat free soup
recommend low fat soup
recommend fresh ginger
recommend ginger tea
recommend avocado
recommend walnut
recommend flaxseed
avoid whole milk
avoid chocolate milk
avoid fresh tomato
avoid fried vegetables
avoid creamy vegetable
avoid fresh orange
avoid fresh grapefruit
avoid fresh pineapple
avoid creamy grain
avoid cold cuts
avoid sausage
avoid bacon
avoid fatty meat
avoid chicken fat
avoid chicken skin
avoid animal oil
avoid chocolate
avoid ice cream
avoid alcohol
avoid coffee
avoid green tea
avoid mint tea
avoid black tea
avoid carbonated beverage
avoid chicken soup
avoid beef soup
avoid creamy soup


* The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.