What are the Symptoms of Gout Foot?

You may have heard a lot about gout. Gout is a type of arthritis and may affect the joints of the knees, wrist, toes, ankles and hands. Gout usually occurs when urate crystals accumulate in the affected joint. Symptoms of foot gout often include swelling, skin peeling and sudden, unexpected pain.

Symptoms of foot gout: swelling, skin peeling and sudden, unexpected pain

Some people with foot gout may have inflammation and extreme pain in the joints of the feet.

  1. Toe pain
  2. Constant tenderness
  3. Swelling: first you will see swelling around your big toe, later swelling surrounding your whole foot.
  4. Sudden and unexpected pain: general pain around the toe area, but will also experience sudden shocks of pain that can extend across the foot, leg and up throughout the rest of your body
  5. Skin peeling: Gout can also cause the skin to peel, much in the same way as it does when you are sunburned.
  6. Fever: You may suffer from a fever, though it is now especially high
  7. Spreading uric acid build ups: As the condition progresses, uric acid will begin to spread across the body, building up around other joints.
  8. Red or purple skin: As the affected area becomes larger and larger, the swollen skin will usually turn red, it is possible for the skin to start turning purple.

In fact, these symptoms of foot gout usually occur suddenly at night. And if you don’t seek immediate treatment,  the pain and discomfort may come again.

Pictures of foot gout:

Here are two pictures of gout feet.


Foot gout, skin peeling and unexpected pain
Image of foot gout
Foot gout, skin peeling and unexpected pain
Picture of foot gout
Foot gout, skin peeling and unexpected pain
Picture of foot gout

Symptoms of gout often occur suddenly at night and may recur continuously unless the condition is treated.

So if you find yourself attacked by the symptoms, turn to your doctor as soon as possible.

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