Free Valproic Acid-Reference Range

Free valproic acid test is used to determine the concentration of valproic acid in your blood and to maintain a therapeutic level.

The therapeutic range for valproic acid (total) is 50-125 μg/mL.

The therapeutic range for valproic acid (free) is 6-22 μg/mL.

The recommended range for the treatment of epilepsy is 50-100 μg/mL total valproic acid.

The recommended range for the treatment of acute mania is 85-125 μg/mL total valproic acid.

Within these ranges, most people will have some responds to the drug including seizures, mood swings, or migraines at the low end of the therapeutic range while some people will experience excessive side effects at the upper end.

It should be noticed that if the valproic acid result is within the therapeutic range, the patient is not having recurrent seizures, mood swings, or migraines, and is not experiencing significant side effects, then the dosage is considered adequate.

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