G-6-PD Test – Reference Range

The normal values for G-6-PD test is positive if blood fails to flouresce under UV light, and this range is unisex for all age groups.

A low level of G6PD enzyme indicates a deficiency. An affected person is more likely to experience symptoms when exposed to a trigger.

The results, however, cannot be used to predict how an affected person will react in a given set of circumstances. The severity of symptoms will vary from person to person and from episode to episode.

A normal G6PD enzyme level in a male indicates that it is unlikely he has a deficiency, and if anemia is present, it is likely due to another cause.

However, if the test was performed during an episode of hemolytic anemia, it should be repeated several weeks later when the RBC population has had time to replenish and mature.

Note that rare female who has two mutated gene copies (homozygous) will likely show a significant decrease in G6PD level.

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