H.P. ACTHAR GEL: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments on H.P. acthar gel:

For Polymyositis/Dermatomyositis:

“I’m a 36yr old woman who has polymyositis it been a struggle for the last 7 years ups and downs. I heard that the drug is also for Multiple Sclerosis treatment. I have relapsed very often. The H.P. acthar gel treatment seems to work I guess once it gets to your system. Side effects are kind of unbearable. I live everyday grateful but hoping it will go into remission. But from what my doctor says the acthar treatment help get my CPK levels under control.

H.P. acthar gel, polymyositis and Multiple Sclerosis
I suffer from unbearable side effects.

Tladyc November 18, 2016

For Multiple Sclerosis:

“I’ve been on acthar gel injections now for 2 days and have 3 more to go. So far I have noticed no difference in anything. My balance is horrible still, I’m dizzy, electric shock down my neck back and arms, and eyes messing up, also still having bladder issues. I’ve been on iv steroids which did little to help, 2 rounds of steroids in the pill form which finally got my right hand feeling somewhat decent, so this is my 4th try to get back to feeling decent since early to mid August. Really hoping this does something and it’s not permanent damage. I pray to god my kids never get this!”

H.P. acthar gel, polymyositis and Multiple Sclerosis
I’ve got bladder issues.

Anonymous (taken for less than 1 month) October 3, 2015

For Multiple Sclerosis:

“I have done the once a day application for five days straight on the Acthar gel, followed a week later by another five day dose. Stings like all get up going in, kind of reminds me of peanut butter shots. Felt much better after the first treatment, again after the second. After a month or so later, MS symptons were back. I have had a headache beyond the pain of migraines (I get those too) and I get medicines for it, but I can’t take that unless someone can watch my kids as most of them make me so sleepy. Tried Provigil…got hallucinations…about to start Nuvigil, hope that works a bit better. I take Betaseron. Starting pulse therapy – first three days of month take Acthar keeping all the rest of the medicines the same.”

H.P. acthar gel, polymyositis and Multiple Sclerosis
The drug makes me sleepy.

Annonymous July 19, 2009

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