Hairline Fracture: Symptoms and Treatments

Hairline fractures, also called stress fractures, are small cracks and/or bruises within a bone. They’re often caused by overuse of the bone.


  • Pain: the pain could worsen over time.
  • Tenderness: there is often a tenderness around a specific spot, and it may decrease during rest.
  • Swelling: the painful area may swell.
  • Bruises: the painful area might bruise as well.


Medical treatments:

  • Mostly, a hairline fracture eases and heals when you rest. During rest, you can use crutches to keep weight off the leg (if the leg is the injured area). Additionally, things like protective footwear help too.
  • However, if the hairline fracture is quite severe, you may need surgery to help hold bones together until they heal.

Home treatments:

  • Rest: a lot of rest helps ease the pain, helpful for the healing process.
  • Ice: put some ice on the painful area, and you’ll find the pain is lessened.
  • Compression: compression upon the bones helps hold the bones together.
  • Elevation: tools like crutches help elevate the weight off the leg, so the pain lessens.


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