Have You Paid Attention to High Blood Pressure, the ‘Silent Killer’, for Your Parents?

One of my patients, who is just 23, said that he was diagnosed high blood pressure when he was playing with the blood measuring monitor. He was just playing it and the monitor said that the reading of his bp is 180/120mmHg. In fact, he never felt that. His parents took him to the hospital immediately and had tests. Eventually, he was diagnosed essential hypertension. He might not find that he had hypertension if he did not play with the monitor.

I have noticed that a lot of people don’t take high blood pressure seriously since I attended to my friend’s wedding ceremony. I suppose the main reason is that most people are healthy. However, in fact, high blood pressure is a ‘silent killer’ who is damaging your health silently and gradually.

First of all, heredity is an essential factor. A lot of patients have family history of high blood pressure, which represents about 30%-50%. If your grandparents have high blood pressure, you should pay attention to your parents’ health. Too much stress in daily life and stimulus from environment will lead to high blood pressure. It is common that your parents work for too long and do not take enough rest. Moreover, age is another factor. High blood pressure is so-called ‘elder’s disease’ because most patients are over 60. Also, bad habits like smoking and drinking contribute to high blood pressure. If your father has the bad habit of smoking, you should ask him to take physical examination once a year. If he doesn’t listen to you, you can list the damage of high blood pressure.

There are no symptoms in the early stage of high blood pressure. In other words, your parents may not pay attention to symptoms like dizziness, fatigue and palpitation. People always choose to believer that they are healthy even if they are prehypertensive. High blood pressure should be treated appropriately, or it will last dozens of years, which would lead to fatal complications like cardiovascular disease, hypertensive kidney disease, vessel lesions. Ocular hypertension is the most common disease as one of the high blood pressure complications.

I know that your parent may not take your advice like my father. You can ask him to read my article.  Ask him to quit smoking and quit drinking.


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