He Spent One Year Realizing Those Signs of Type 2 Diabetes, And You?

I am a 45-year-old fat man, daily engaged in desk work for a long time. I have a well-off material life but a poor exercise life, taking all limb exercises as troubles. Consequently, I get extremely lazy with a big belly. Just like my wife said, I am the one who will drive to the other side of the road for exercise.

Unfortunately, I was diagnosed type 2 diabetes at the age of 44. I am just a experience-sharer, rather than a doctor.  So all the early signs here are just my personal feelings when my glucose is at peak, instead of the professional medical opinion.

1. Thick spots in soybean size develop in skin.
For me, the spots mainly showed in the knees and heels individually or gathering together. I went to see the doctor after almost one year later. And an experienced doctor pointed it could be the diabetes and asked me to take blood and urine tests. No surprise, the answer was yes. For the timing being, the spots have discolored into some little pigmentation after a good blood sugar control.

2. Get Thirsty in a crazy way.
I drank almost one liter of water only one night, making a low-quality sleep.

3. Weight loss.
I lost 7.5 kilograms with nearly one year, my belly gradually getting flat and my clothes turning oversize. At first, I thought it’s because my losing weight worked and I felt so excited to prepare my next fashion style trying with such a lean shape.

4. Numbness of hands and feet.
Numbness occurred in my hands and feet, even in the arms and toes. I took those signs as my occupational disease, namely, the cervical spondylosis out of long-term working bending over a desk. And the X ray item of a body examination excluded serious cervical vertebra disease.

5. Sweet addiction.
I became very addicted to the sweetness. I could eat a big watermelon with 2.5kg per night, or two small ones. Also, I couldn’t help eating more than 5 kinds of ice creams.

6. Always feel sleepy.
I used to be very energetic in work. But after getting the diabetes, (of course, I didn’t know it), sudden sleepy feelings would shock me from time to time. And half an hour nap could cure it.

7. Much sweat.
Sweating came after only a gentle movement, especially in the morning of summer. My head sweated exaggeratively. Yes, it was summer, no big deal. But others wouldn’t suffer like that.

8. Be absent-minded.
When the weather was hot, I felt like the world was even not true with unquenchable heating and  a decreasing tolerance to the temperature.

9. Other problems.
I got the mellitus hyperlipidemia along with the diabetes with a level of 7.0 (normal level is 1.7). Now dating back to the two sudden digestive diseases like digestive stagnation, which were suspected as pancreatitis originally by doctors, they must have a certain relation with the hyperlipidemia.

As a matter of fact, my body examination report pointed my diabetes long ago while I ignored it. In June 2013, I was diagnosed as diabetes with a fasting blood sugar reaching 12.3. Now, my glucose is steady after one-year adjustment. In this year, I quitted lots of foods with high sugar content such as cola. Also, I followed the endocrine division doctor’s advice, making a good weight and blood lipid level. More importantly, I have tried a new lifestyle, upgrading my physical coordination and stamina, utterly better than before. Here, I want to tell all the diabetic friends with middle-age that we are not that old, and everything will work if you make up your mind to fight it.


* The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.