High Cholesterol, Should I do Muscle Training or Aerobic Exercise?

Q: Me, 5.9 feet 165 pound, TC and LDL 30% higher than normal. I’ve heard that muscle training will raise TC, is it right? Shall I do muscle training or aerobic exercises?

I’ve managed my diet.


A: Both aerobic and anaerobic exercise increase HDL and reduce LDL. In your case, physical exercise is recommended. Ideally you can both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. When people are doing exercise, the fat cell is decomposed into fatty acid, it’s the source of energy. For anaerobic exercises, it helps in growing muscle, and more muscle means higher BMR, and eventually consume more calories that you take from food. So in the long run, both aerobic and anaerobic exercise are good for lowering bad cholesterol. In lowering cholesterol, diet is as important. I’ve seen you have started to manage your diet, that’s very good. Eat high fiber low fat food will help you reduce LDL.


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