Higher Dose Radiation Don't Improve Prostate Cancer Survival

A new study shows that higher doses of radiation do not improve survival for many patients with prostate cancer, compared with the standard radiation treatment.

The analysis was led by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.



In an eight-year follow-up,

  • Of the 748 men receiving standard treatment, 75 percent were still alive after eight years of follow-up.
  • Of the 751 men receiving the dose-escalation treatment, 76 percent were alive

The difference isn’t statistically significant.

Side Effects in Higher Doses

Differences exist in side effects in the two groups though.

Patients in the standard dose group were more likely to undergo further therapies to control tumors that had grown larger or that had spread to another site in the body. But patients in the escalating dose group experienced more side effects—such as urinary irritation or rectal bleeding—sometimes years after treatment.


The study may help doctors to evaluate the dose of radiation for patients of Prostate Cancer.


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