Home Massage for Acute Lumbar Sprain

Acute lumbar sprain: Over extension or over burden of your lumbar, would cause this. And if you have a strenuous exercise without warm up, can also cause this.

Clinical Manifestations: many people would have the history of the distinct sprain, and in some cases, the patient would be very severe, the serious pain in the loins appears just after the injures movement of the waist. And sitting, lying and walking, and coughing and sneezing as well as deep-breathing will worsen the pain. In the beginning, the pain in the loins is light, but after 1-2 days later, it becomes worse and the waist cannot act.

Therapeutic Method: this method would promote the circulation of the blood and eliminate the obstruction of the injury part.

Operation: you need ask your family member or friend to help you. (they would be the “operator” below).
You should lie in the prone position and tell the operator where the pressure point is, and then massage the point for 2 minutes. Meanwhile the operator also needs to massage the point named ChengShan (the international acupoint coding is BL57). When the muscles of the lumbar are slightly relaxed, the operator should massage the lumbar muscles at the both sides. The manipulation should gradually become forceful up to the extent that the patient cannot stand.
Treatment is given once every two days, 3 times of treatment make 1 course.

Notice: you can find the point in this picture, and the location would be the middle of the shank. It could be not very accurately during the massage.

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