Home Massage for Sprain of Achilles Tendon

Sprain of achilles tendon: acute injury or long-time repeated strain causes laceration, oozing of blood or degeneration and necrosis to occur in that synovium-like tissue, leading to adhesion among the layers and between the layers and the achilles tendon.

Clinical manifestations: The pain in the achilles tendon, at the beginning, the pain would occur immediately when movement starts. After some minutes, the pain would decrease, but would get worse by violent running or jumping. As time goes by, the pain would always occur when going downstairs and walking. After more time, the injury would be rigid, when it is twisted, a cracking sound may be heard.

Therapeutic Method: promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, relaxing muscles and tendons, and eliminating obstruction from the channels and collaterals.

Manipulation: you need ask your family member or friend to help you. (they would be the “operator” below).
You should take the prone position, and your shank, foot, and ankle should under a soft cushion. The operator should sit by the affected foot, then he should massage from the achilles tendon to the popliteal fossa along the gastrocnemius muscle for 3-5 minutes. Then the operator should massage the points—Taixi (KI 3), Fuliu (KI 7), Chenshan (BL 57), Yangjiao (GB 35) for 5 minutes.

Treatment is given once daily; 3 times make 1 course of treatment.

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