Homocysteine Test – Normal Range

The normal range of homocysteine levels are less than 15 micromoles per liter (mcmol/L). Higher levels are: Moderate (15 to 30 mcmol/L); Intermediate (30 to 100 mcmol/L); Severe (greater than 100 mcmol/L). With the help of this test the following results can be achieved: high value (greater than 0.54-2.3 mg/L).

Other conditions such as hypocynthuria, cardiac diseases or kidney problems can be detected issues related to age low value excess intake of vitamin medicines or supplements can also cause the homocysteine level to drop.

Elevated homocysteine levels in the body do not cause any symptoms. However, elevated levels of it in the blood have been associated with health risks.

Therefore, an elevated homocysteine level may be a risk factor for developing certain diseases and conditions.

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