How Are Hepatitis B Vaccine Series Scheduled?


How Are Hepatitis B Vaccine Series Scheduled?


Hepatitis B vaccine is the best way to prevent a person from getting the hepatitis B virus. Three shots are usually needed over a period of six months:

  • 1st shot – At any given time, but newborns should receive this dose in the delivery room.
  • 2nd shot – At least one month (or 28 days) after the 1st shot
  • 3rd Shot – At least 4 months (16 weeks) after the 1st shot (or at least 2 months after the 2nd shot).
    Infants should be a minimum of 24 weeks old at the time of the 3rd shot.

You do not need to restart the hepatitis B vaccine series if you miss any of the shots. For example, if you get the first two doses of vaccine but miss the third one beyong the scheduled time, then just schedule the last shot when you can.


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