How Bad Is Bladder Cancer?

Q: My mother was 54 next month and she was diagnosed with bladder cancer. The doctor did a biopsy and it came back positive for invasive bladder cancer. After several check-ups including bone scan and CT scan, he told us it was a stage III bladder cancer. How bad is it? Is it curable?

A: From your description, it seems that your mother is in a serious condition. She should take treatment as soon as possible if haven’t been treated yet.

Bladder cancer varies due to its types and severity. It can be divided into several stages. The severity grows from stage 0 to stage IV.

Your mother is in stage III. It is not an easy case to copy with for doctors. It indicates that the cancer is now in the layer of fatty tissue surrounding the bladder. Cancer cells may also be found in her uterus and vagina. Fortunately, they haven’t spread to nearby lymph nodes or to distant organs, so she hasn’t been caught by the worst condition.

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