How Can Cystectomy Treat Bladder Cancer?


What is cystectomy and how can it treat bladder cancer?


Cystectomy is a surgery in which the surgeon removes all or part of the bladder. It is a treatment option for people with bladder cancer.

Cystectomy is divided into two types – partial cystectomy and radical cystectomy. In the latter the entire bladder is removed. Usually cancer cells are removed from the body with the removal of the bladder, so the patient can be well again after the surgery.

In men, the prostate gland may be cut as well. And in women, the womb and ovaries could also be removed.

To do the surgery, the surgeon makes an incision in your lower belly. In a laparoscopic surgery, the cuts can be very small. The doctor is able to see your organs with the scope instead of naked eyes.


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