How Can I Break Up with My Diabetic Boyfriend Without Hurting Him?

My boyfriend has been diagnosed as diabetes and I want to break up with him. We have been in a good relationship for three years. But I hear the diabetes is a lifelong disease with serious complications and most importantly, it can be passed on to our children! I He is good but I do want a high-quality life and healthy kid. So what is the best way to leave him without hurting him?


First of all, it’s your personal freedom to choose a healthy family and kid. To be honest, it’s his luck to renew his life without you.Have you heard the marriage vow ever? !

Secondly, diabetes doesn’t mean death sentence. A good blood control can keep the complications away! There are numerous cases that diabetic patients live a happy life as normal.

Thirdly, heredity is an important role in diabetes onset. However, it doesn’t necessarily cause diabetes in 100 percent. Your lifestyle matters as well.

Anyway, hope you can get to know more common sense and find your true love…


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