How Can I Prevent Gout through Diet?

How can I prevent gout through diet?

If you are afraid of getting gout or your family members’ getting gout, you may choose a healthy diet to seek preventions. Here are the guidelines:

  • Drink plenty of fluids. Stay well-hydrated, including plenty of water. But remember limit sweetened beverages.
  • Limit or avoid alcohol. Recent evidence suggests that beer may be particularly likely to increase the risk of gout symptoms, especially in men.
  • Get your protein from low-fat dairy products. Low-fat dairy products may actually have a protective effect against gout.
  • Limit your intake of meat, fish and poultry. pay close attention to what types — and how much — seem to cause problems for you.
  • Maintain a desirable body weight. Choose portions that allow you to maintain a healthy weight.

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