How Can Multiple Myeloma Be Diagnosed?

How can multiple myeloma be diagnosed?

Your doctor may test your multiple myeloma if you have your blood tested and the test result shows that:

  • There is too much calcium in your blood.
  • There are too few red blood cells.
  • You have kidney problems.
  • High protein levels and a low albumin level in your blood.

Your doctor may also test your multiple myeloma if you have some related symptoms or signs.

Following tests are used to diagnose multiple myeloma:

  • Blood test.
  • Urine test.
  • Examination of bone marrow.
  • Imaging tests including X-ray, MRI, CT or PET.

If the test shows that you have multiple myeloma, your doctor will classify your disease as stage I, stage II or stage III based on the test result. The bigger the stage number is, the more serious your disease is. You shall believe your doctor’s diagnosis and follow his or her  advice and medication.

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