How can Multiple Myeloma Prognosis Help Treatment?

How can multiple myeloma prognosis help treatment?

Thanks to the multiple myeloma research, the prognosis of multiple myeloma has improved. The prognosis of multiple myeloma is always based on following factors:

  • Signs.
  • Symptoms.
  • Circumstances.
  • Stage of the disease. It is determined by the result of the diagnostic testing.

The prognosis can help you know following things which can help futher treatment:

  • The growing speed of the tumor.
  • The extent of disease.
  • The biologic make-up of the tumor.
  • The response to the therapy.
  • The health state of the patient.
  • When multiple myeloma treatment shall begin.
  • Which treatment is best. This is determined by the analysis of patient’s individual risk for relapse.

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