How Does Chemotherapy Work in Treatment for Cervical Cancer?


My mom is 59 years old. She has stage III cervical cancer. Radiation therapy was not effective in her case, so her doctor recommended her to take chemotherapy for it. How does the therapy work to treat the cancer?


In chemotherapy, anti-cancer drugs are used to treat the disease. Patients can take these drugs either by mouth or through intravenous injection. Still, there are other ways to administrating the drugs.

The drugs used in chemotherapy can weaken or even destroy cancer cells throughout the body, thus blocking the development of the cancer. However, side effects are pretty strong in this type of treatment. The drugs can’t distinguish healthy cells from cancer cells, so patients may experience side effects such as hair loss, stomach upset, anemia and bleeding.

Common chemotherapy drugs used for cervical cancer include:




Fluorouracil, 5-FU





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