How Does the Doctor Diagnose Early Stage Cervical Cancer?


After diagnosing a patient with cervical cancer, the doctor will stage the cancer. How does he do it?


After the diagnosis of cervical cancer, the doctor will determine its stage to describe how far it has spread.

According to the physical exam results and imaging studies, cervical cancer can be easily staged. The process includes a pelvic exam of the cervix, vagina, womb, and ovaries. Meanwhile, a rectal exam is needed to make the result accurate.

The doctor may perform other procedures to check your bladder and rectum. He needs to know whether cancer cells have moved to these areas. You may have CT scan, PET scan, or MRI to find out how far the cancer has spread.

The stage of cervical cancer is determined on the basis of the size of the cancer and the depth of its invasion into the tissue.


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