How Is a Thyroid Biopsy Done?


I’m worried about the thyroid biopsy that I’m going to have the day after tomorrow. How is it done?


In a needle biopsy, it is done by inserting a thin needle through the skin into the thyroid gland, and using it to make an incision to obtain a small tissue sample from the thyroid. After that, doctors will examine the sample under a microscope to find any thyroid problems. This type of thyroid biopsy does not require anesthesia, so you will stay awake during the whole biopsy procedure.

If it’s an open biopsy, your doctor will create a cut through the skin to view your thyroid gland. When other tests fail to determine the cause of your symptoms, the doctor often orders an open biopsy to help with the diagnosis. Unlike a needle biopsy, an open biopsy requires general anesthesia, so you will be asleep while your doctor is performing the procedure.


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