How Is Hodgkin Lymphoma Treated?

What are the classical treatments for hodgkin lymphoma?

The classical treatments for hodgkin lymphoma are similar to those of other types of lymphoma, which include:

  • Chemotherapy: It is a drug treatment that uses chemicals or drugs to kill lymphoma cells. These drugs can be taken in pill form or through a vein in your arm.
  • Radiation therapy: It uses high-energy X-rays or proton beams to kill cancer cells, it is often used after chemotherapy.
  • Bone marrow transplant: Replace diseased bone marrow with healthy stem cells, also known as stem cell transplant.
  • Immunotherapy: It activates your immune system to kill the lymphoma cells.


What are the new treatments for hodgkin lymphoma?

Here are some new treatments which may bring hopes to lymphoma patients:

  • Brentuximab vedotin (Adcetris): It is useful for treating relapsed Hodgkin lymphoma.
  • Pembrolizumab (Keytruda): It is a humanized antibody immunotherapy for relapsed or refractory Hodgkin lymphoma.


What should you do when getting Hodgkin lymphoma?

If you have hodgkin lymphoma, the following tips may help you deal with the cancer:

  • Learn about Hodgkin’s lymphoma: Search more information about your cancer can help you make decisions about treatment plans.
  • Maintain a positive attitude: Have a positive attitude towards your cancer can help you cope with pains and anxieties occurred.
  • Take time of yourself: Eating, relaxing and getting enough sleep can help you fight against stress and fatigue caused by cancer.
  • Set reasonable goals: Having goals helps you feel in control and can give you a sense of purpose.

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