How Is Retrolisthesis Diagnosed?

How is retrolisthesis diagnosed?

A doctor will start by reviewing a person’s general health and the symptoms the person is experiencing. After the examination, if a doctor suspects retrolisthesis, he/she may recommend a lateral X-ray which is taken when the person is standing up.

A doctor will examine the X-ray, likely drawing several lines on it to compare the positions of the vertebrae and measure how far the vertebrae has slipped out of position. Any slippage over 2 millimeters is considered an indication of retrolisthesis.

The X-ray can also outline any other symptoms that may indicate whether a person has retrolisthesis. Some additional signs may include:

  • bone spurs
  • shorter disc heights
  • gas trapped between vertebrae
  • hardened arteries around the vertebrae

Please consult your doctor for more information.

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