How Long Does A Blood Blister Take to Disappear?

Blood stains the skin cells it comes in contact with. It can take a month or more for that discolouration to disappear. We know it takes somewhere from 30 to 48 days for full epidermal cell turnover – that is for cells to travel from their deepest to most superfical, to be shed as dead skin cells. So it could take that long before all trace disappears. The blood will dry relatively quickly, assuming you take away the cause. If you don’t deal with the cause, your blood blister will last longer.

There may be a lot of black dried blood that flakes away. Or there may be just a little.

It depends on how much blood there was initially.

It depends on how much of the blood resorbed.

And it depends on whether you reduce the excess pressure or not – it may be a perpetual blood blister if you don’t do anything to stop it from forming.

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