How Long Does It Take to Recover after the Interstim Implant?

How long does it take to recover after the Interstim implant?

The Interstim therapy is to implant a small device under the skin. It can release micro-electricity pulse to the nerves to help control the bladder. The therapy can be temporary or long-term. It is an easy outpatient procedure. The therapy has two stages: the trial stage and the formal implantation stage. After the implant, it will take a few days to recover. The following tips will help accelerate the process:

  • Do light work instead of heavy jobs.
  • Postpone bathing plan. Tub baths should be delayed much longer.
  • Avoid sports before you recover, especially actions like bending, jumping or stretching.
  • Having sex is absolutely not allowed.

See your doctor if you feel uncomfortable after the therapy.


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