How Long Does Poison Ivy Rash Last?

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How Long Does Poison Ivy Rash Last?

While outdoor walk, play and hike are good ways to exercise, poison ivy can be a big problem for people spending time outdoors, especially hikers, gardeners, campers and children. Most people develop a rash after touching with poison ivy or the similar plants, poison sumac and poison oak. The poison ivy can be identified by the left images.


See the source imageSee the source imageThe result can range from a mildly unpleasant redness to an intense allergic reaction of swelling, blistering and oozing.


Generally the rash lasts for two to three weeks and recovers on its own. During the rash, you can take some self-care methods to ease the itching, such as applying calamine lotion, corticosteroid cream and using cool compresses.

It is important to know scratching will break the blisters, further damaging the skin and causing infection. So try more safer and healthier soothing ways to relieve the itching.


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