How Long is Spindle Cell Carcinoma Life Expectancy?

How long is spindle cell carcinoma life expectancy?

Spindle cell carcinoma is a kind of connective tissue cancer where the cells are spindle-shaped. Various factors result in spindle cell carcinoma, including genetic predisposition, injury and inflammation.


Surgery is the best way to eliminate the cancer. But it may become impossible when the tumor is too close to vital organ, such as the lungs or the heart. Besides surgery, cryotherapy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and others are acceptable. However, these options will not give a good prognosis.

Life expectancy:

Some researches show that the total mortality is about 50%. With the cancer progressing to a higher stage, this figure will increase. Since 50%-80% patients cannot get diagnosed until it develops into the higher stage (stage 2 and up), the overall life expectancy is less than 5 years from the date of cancer detection.

What’s more, the non-metastatic and the metastatic cancer patients also have different life expectancy. The former one’s life expectancy is around 41 months. Conversely, that of the latter is just 14 months.

Undoubtedly, an early diagnosis of the cancer is extremely vital. If you have any symptoms, visit your doctor for a check immediately.

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