How Many Blood Sugar Devices for Diabetes?

For the time being, there are three main types of blood sugar devices in the market.

Software programs
These programs track and analyze trends in blood sugar levels for a long time.
downloading and storing data directly onto a computer or cell phone. So you can  get an overview of your glucose levels.

Continuous glucose monitoring systems
This is approved by FDA. It records your blood sugar levels throughout the day and night, conducive to making informed decisions about nutrition, activity level, and medication.

Other tools
Other common tools include smaller, disposable glucose monitors that can be worn directly on the skin and concealed under clothing.

Talk about brands, there’re plenty of well-known, such as:

  • Abbott freestyle lite
  • AccuCheck
  • Lifescan one touch ultra 2
  • TRUE result
  • Ascensia Bayer’s contour

The prices goes down from Abbott to Ascensia along with the rating. I read this from a review site. This is not my own opinion, so only for your reference.


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