How to Complete a Powdered Sugar Measurement?

Powdered sugar is also known as confectioner’s sugar, which is most commonly used in making uncooked frosting or for dusting pastries. A powdered sugar measurement comes in 5 steps.

1.Scoop powdered sugar into the top of a sifter and hold over a mixing bowl.

2.Turn the handle of the sifter to sift the powdered sugar for removing lumps.

3.Spoon the sifted powdered sugar into a measuring cup that is either an exact eight ounces or a fraction thereof, depending on how much you need to measure out. For example, if you need to measure ¼ cup, use a ¼ measuring cup instead of an 8-ounce glass measuring cup with measurement markers.

4.Heap the powdered sugar into the measuring cup, without compressing the sugar.

5.Level off the top of the measuring cup using the back of a knife. Hold the measuring cup over a bowl while eliminating the excess powdered sugar.


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