How Many Treatment Options Are There for Cervical Cancer?

What are the treatments for people with cervical cancer?
Which treatment a cervical cancer patient should choose depends on his type of cancer and his specific physical condition. Common treatments for this disease are introduced as follows:
In the surgery for cervical cancer, the doctor removes the patient’s uterus. There are two types of surgeries: simple hysterectomy and radical hysterectomy. In the former, the cervix and the uterus are removed. In the latter, her cervix, uterus, part of the vagina and lymph nodes in the area are all removed from the body.
Radiation therapy
In radiation therapy, Doctors use high-energy beams, such as X-rays and protons, to kill cancer cells. Radiation therapy can be used both with surgery and chemotherapy.
In chemotherapy, drugs are used to kill cancer cells. Usually the patient takes these medicines via injection. When this therapy is combined with radiation therapy to enhance the effect, a new type of treatment known as chemoradiation is applied.


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