How Many Types of HIV Screening Tests Available In the United States?

Considering a HIV screening test is always worrisome. However, any delay of an HIV diagnosis could be much worse. Here are some available HIV screening tests in the United States.

1.Rapid HIV testing
For several rapid tests, it only takes 20 mins to get a highly accurate information. A blood test is needed here.

2. Early-detection HIV testing
These early-detection tests could be more expensive than the standard tests. But the result here may be false-positives and false-negatives.
So you still need to take the standard antibody testing later to confirm results.

3.Home HIV testing
Home testing consists of two parts. Firstly, you should mail a blood sample to a testing center and wait for your results; Secondly, you can collect an oral fluid sample and test it on your own. Don’t worry, methods here are anonymous  and confidential.

Negative HIV test results, generally mean you don’t have HIV, or the HIV cannot be tested for now. A retest is needed in a few months. Positive HIV test results, are HIV for sure. With no cure for now, but we can expect a near-normal life expectancy if it is well-treated.

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