How Many Types of Lupus Rash?

How many types of lupus rash?

Though symptoms vary across people, one of the most obvious symptoms of lupus is butterfly-shaped rash. However, with different conditions, rash also differs among patients.

Here are the most common ones:

Acute cutaneous lupus (acute skin lupus): “butterfly rash” with redness across cheeks and nose

Subacute cutaneous lupus (subacute lupus): red, raised, scaly nonscarring rash on sun-exposed areas

Chronic cutaneous lupus (discoid lupus): red to purple rash with discoloration and scarring

Symptoms of lupus can vary from a very mild form to a severe life threatening disease. However, any form of the disease should receive treatment from a doctor. When treated properly and well, you can lead a normal life like every other healthy individual.


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