How Severe is Endometrial Cancer Metastasis?


What is metastatic endometrial cancer? What are the metastasis sites?


Uterine cancer metastasis lung and uterine cancer metastasis liver likely occur if there is a delay in treatment at stages 3 and 4. Furthermore, uterine cancer metastasis bones can be affected. Local and distant recurrences continue to be a major problem in high-risk after surgical treatment of the primary endometrial carcinoma. Recurrent endometrial cancer is very dangerous.

Typical sites include local pelvic recurrence, pelvic and para-aortic nodes, peritoneum, and lungs. Atypical sites include extra-abdominal lymph nodes, liver, adrenal, brain, bones and soft tissue. It is important to recognize the typical and atypical sites of metastases in patients with recurrent endometrial carcinoma to facilitate earlier diagnosis and treatment.


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