How to Avoid Botulism?

How to avoid botulism

Although botulism is rather rare, it can cause paralysis and can be life-threatening. Therefore, knowing how to avoid botulism is necessary.

Because botulism is usually linked with canned fruits and vegetables at home, you should take the preventions if you make them by yourself.

Here are some tips:

  1. Clean your hands, containers, and utensils if you can your own food at home.
  2. Boil the home-canned food for 10 minutes to kill the botulism toxin bacteria.
  3. Choose proper refrigeration.
  4. Abandon the canned food if you find it:
     have a bulge
     spurt out foam or liquid when you open it
     smell unusual or foul

If, unfortunately, you show any symptom of botulism, ask your doctor for help as soon as possible.


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