How to Choose a Spinal Surgeon?

How to choose a spinal surgeon?

The number one reason spinal surgery fails is because of an incorrect diagnosis. Finding an experienced, skilled spine surgeon will help increase the odds of getting a correct diagnosis and a corrective surgery.

Questions to Ask the Surgeon

For most types of spine surgery, the real question to ask is not whether to select an orthopedic surgeon or neurosurgeon, but rather, “What specific surgeries does this surgeon specialize in?” For example:
Some surgeons have a deep expertise in certain kinds of cervical spine surgeries
Others will devote a third or more of their practice to operative intervention for lumbar disorders

Some more telling questions to ask your surgeon are questions such as:
“How many of these specific surgeries do you do each year?”
“How much of your practice is focused on this specific type of surgery?”

For most types of spine surgery, careful selection of the individual surgeon is far more important than whether the surgeon is a neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon. Selecting an appropriately experienced and skilled surgeon gives patients an improved chance of having the right type of surgery and a favorable outcome.

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