How to Controlling Cholesterol?

High cholesterol leads to multiple types of diseases. In order to control cholesterol, first of all you should be aware of what range you are at.

For total cholesterol, if it’s high than 240 mg/dl, you should take measures.

For LDL cholesterol, if it’s higher than 160 mg/dl, you should pay attention.

For HDL cholesterol, which is the good cholesterol, if it’s lower than 40 mg/dl, you should pay attention.

For triglycerides, if it’s higher than 200, you should take measures.

If you’re just a little over the borderline high, the recommendation is healthy diet, less fat intake and do exercise more. If your cholesterol level is much higher than borderline high, medication will be necessary. You should get prescription from your doctor. Usually the doctor will give you Statins, and ask you to diet healthy and exercise more.

HDL Cholesterol
(mg/dl) Risk Low Borderline Low Optimal
Adult <=40 41-59 >=60
(mg/dl) Risk Low Mildly High High Very High
Adult <150 150-199 200-499 >=500
LDL Cholesterol
(mg/dl) Optimal Acceptable * Borderline High High Very High
Adult <100 100-129 130-159 160-189 >190
Child <110 110-129 >130
*LDL 100-129 is acceptable for normal people but may be a concern for those with heart disease or heart disease risk factors.
Total Cholesterol
(mg/dl) Optimal Borderline High High
Adult <200 201-239 >240
Child <170 170-199 >200



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