How to cure Advanced Kidney Cancer?

How to cure advanced kidney cancer?

Advanced kidney cancer is also called metastatic renal cell carcinoma. If a patient gets advanced kidney cancer, the common length of survival for him/her is 7 months. It’s difficult to cure advanced kidney cancer, but some treatments can help to reduce its pain.

Immunotherapy is a common treatment for advanced kidney cancer. Namely, it refers to take different immune medicines. There are different kinds of immune medicines with varied effects.

  • Interleuken-2 (IL-2): A high dose of IL-2 helps to reduce the pain for a long time.
  • Interferon-alpha: It can help to slow the grow of cancer cells.
  • Checkpoint Inhibitors: It helps to block the spread of cancer cells.

If you think you have advanced kidney cancer, you should consult your doctor for immediate treatments.

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