How to Cure Hemorrhoids Bleeding?

How to cure hemorrhoids bleeding?

When getting hemorrhoids, you may find bleeding occurs when passing a stool. Even if it is quite alerting, there are some remedies that may help.

Here are options that can help you feel better.


For mild cases, you can try available hemorrhoids creams. Creams or ointments can help reduce swelling, itchiness or tenderness.


Sclerotherapy is an injection used directly into the tissue of your hemorrhoids. It helps dissolve and remove hemorrhoids altogether, but there are possibilities of  reoccurrence.

Rubber Banding

Rubber band therapy helps to cut off blood supply to bleeding hemorrhoids, thus aiding in the overall removal of them. It has a good success rate, but is painful because of incessant squeezing.


For advanced cases, your doctor may recommend surgery. However, hemorrhoidectomy is a last resort when all other options are unsuccessful. As expected, surgery is a risky procedure.


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