How to Cure Hypoglycemia?

How to cure hypoglycemia?

Conventional Treatment for Hypoglycemia

According to the American Diabetes Association, conventional treatments for hypoglycemia are usually as follows:

  • Make changes to your diet and lifestyle, in order to better control blood glucose, like changing meal frequency or adopting a diet plan.
  • consume 15–20 grams of glucose (from carbohydrates) right away when hypoglycemia symptoms begin.
  • Keep an eye on symptoms for about 15 minutes, and if you’re diabetic, check your blood sugar at this time.
  • Eat at least a small snack every two to three hours to keep symptoms from returning. Snacks and meals should have at least 15 grams of carbohydrates.

Sometimes doctor prescribe medications, including glucose tablets or gel, along with other medications to control hypoglycemia symptoms in diabetic patients. Sometimes, If someone has become unconscious from a severe insulin reaction, injectable glucagon kits are often used as a medication.

Please check with doctors to find more suggestions.

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