How To Cure Trichomoniasis?

How to cure trichomoniasis?

Systemic treatments and topical treatments can be used to cure trichomoniasis.

Systemic therapy

Oral metronidazole: 0.2 ~ 0.4g each time, 3 times a day, 10 days for a course of treatment.

The urethra is rinsed with a topical Jieyin lotion or silver nitrate, and the appropriate amount of solution is retained for 3 to 5 minutes. Because the disease is easy to relapse after menstruation, it is better to take another course of treatment after next menstruation to consolidate the effect.

Alcohol and alcohol drinks should be avoided during treatment with this drug to avoid disulfiram-like reactions. Pay attention to the side effects of the drug.

Nitromethoxazole: 250 mg each time, 2 times a day, lasting for 6 days.

Rinse the vagina with 1% lactic acid and Jieyin lotion, then use gel disinfectant and put it into the vagina, once a night for 10 days.

Flunitrazole: 200 mg each time, 3 times a day, and lasting for 5 days.

Cnidium: 30 grams of Cnidium, 15 grams of Coptis, 6 grams of Stellera chamaejasme, 30 grams of white sable, decoction, fumigation for vulva, 2 times a day.

The weak acid care solution can be used to clean private parts. Female care solution can maintain the “self-cleaning effect” of the vagina, and inhibit the infection of trichomonas vaginalis.

Topical treatment

To enhance vaginal defenses, flush vagina with 0.5% lactic acid or acetic acid solution, or flush vagina with weak acid female care solution.

Cram metronidazole 200 mg or gel disinfectant into the vagina every night, 7 to 10 days for a course of treatment. If you use the above weakly acidic female care solution to clean the vagina and then put the medicine plug into the vagina, the effect is better.


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