How to Diagnose Asthma?

How to diagnose asthma?



To diagnose an asthma, it may need to take several steps. firstly, your doctor will do a physical exam and ask you questions about your signs and symptoms and about any other health problems.

Secondly, you may need lung (pulmonary) function tests. For example:

  • Spirometry.
  • Peak flow.

Besides, you may also need to take other tests, such as

  • Methacholine challenge.
  • Nitric oxide test.
  • Imaging tests, such as a chest X-ray and high-resolution computerized tomography (CT) .
  • Allergy testing.
  • Sputum eosinophils.
  • Provocative testing for exercise and cold-induced asthma.

Finally, results of all these tests help doctor make a conclusion.


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