How to Diagnose Biliary Dyskinesia?

How to diagnose biliary dyskinesia?

Biliary dyskinesia is a common disease of gallbladder which means that bile cannot flow through the bile duct in the proper direction.

Usually most kinds of gallbladders have similar symptoms with biliary dyskinesia. So there must be an extensive diagnosis to confirm the disease.

Normally the doctor will ask patients to do the blood tests or ultrasound. If the result is negative, the diagnosis can be determined by cholecystography. It is more specific.

Obesity, age and sex may lead to the disease. Especially, an older woman who is overweight is easier to suffer from the disease.

Patients can go to the doctor to ask for help. Usually a surgery is needed to treat the disease. Sometimes symptoms may still exist after the surgery. So patients also have to take medicine at the same time.

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