How to Diagnose End Stage Cardiomyopathy?


I want to know how doctors diagnose a person with end stage cardiomyopathy or heart failure. I have been living with cardiomyopathy for 12 years. How come doctors suddenly diagnose me with end stage heart failure? Is there a certain criterion for the diagnosis?


Heart failure is often the final stage of cardiomyopathy. Indications of it can be found in medical history and physical examination. Thus the patient’s medical history and physical exam are necessary in the diagnosis of end stage cardiomyopathy.

In order to find out the cause of the disease and how serious the heart damage is, doctors usually need extensive laboratory work-ups. Besides, physicians and cardiologists may require urine and blood tests, imaging exams, electrocardiograms, and other medical tests to evaluate the condition. End stage cardiomyopathy/heart failure is diagnosed from a comprehensive aspect with results of various tests and exams.


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