How to Distinguish Cancerous Moles From Normal Moles?

How to distinguish cancerous moles from normal moles?

Normal moles always have following characteristics:

  • Light tan or brown in color.
  • Oval or round.
  • Sharp border around the edges.
  • Smooth skin.
  • Small. They are usually around a quarter-inch diameter.
  • Fewer than 40 in number.
  • Mostly on faces, arms, chest, neck and back.

Cancerous moles always have following characteristics:

  • They may be pink, red, brown, or tan.
  • Irregular shape and border.
  • Rough skin.
  • Large. They are usually larger than a pencil eraser.
  • Mostly on the head beneath the hair, on breasts or on buttocks.

If you find that you have signs of cancerous moles, you must ask your doctor for his or her advice. You had better ask your doctor at once because if cancerous moles are identified, they need to be removed immediately to stop cancer affecting other parts of your body.

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