How to Find a Flu Vaccine Near You?

The flu season is getting severe and intense but it’s a bit far away from getting over. CDC warns it will continue. On the contrary, the vaccine this years proves only 36% effective, however, CDC still recommends people to get shot. The common virus this year is H3N2, which is included in the vaccine, but not enough protective, because as CDC official says the vaccines usually don’t work effectively enough to protect agains H3N2. However, the number of H1N1 and influenza B infections is getting up and the vaccines  should work well on protecting against the two types.

However, when people go to local pharmacy, they may find flu shots are out of stock. By the end of Nov 2017, less than 40% Americans got shot. Now the number of people seeking flu shot is at peak. But no worry, here from CDC’s flu vaccine finder, you will find where to get the shot.

Here’s the site for CDC flu vaccine finder.

For easy referrence, it’s located on the right horizontally, and in the middle vertically of the webpage.

Input the zip code and you’ll find which pharmacy to go. To save your time, you may call the pharmacy before driving there.



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